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Watch Match Sevilla FC Live Streaming Online Stream Bein Sports Kooora - Finally a museum finished a museum that has taken to its time that has not been easy mount it a museum that had to be done at the height of seville fc and finally after several months of work several companies that have live streaming sevilla intervened and more than one hundred people who have intervened in it working to get it ready, the moment in which it is finished and in the next match, now people who already I can visit it.

And I can see it even though opening still our our defined are probably first of September is a tour very complete is a museum in that the contents are broad and not only the visitor can see what the sevillista glory that a lot that can check that it is in all its splendor you will love it but we have prepared a multimedia museum that of I'm sure you'll like it a lot taken in 2100 square meters is in the place that.

We think should be that it should be easily visited in the heart of the stadium ramón sánchez pizjuán and no we are going to fix many things because what that we want the sevillista to come and see it and experience it is called sevilla fc history experience it's a kind of museum in Europe with respect to the museums of soccer not only football that the visitor acquires an experience visiting what is the exhibition either at different levels.

I prefer to reveal few things that come and that they feel the experience the truth how each corner has been has been Built and designed with the maximum I would not know how to define that one in concrete there are several several that are very very very endearing and very worth seeing that all the areas that I have behind by order we have a space where we can see 5 Europe leagues together nobody can see them in the world.

That we have not created a space very special as you can see there are more space of the championships space from Spain than from those of us Five-time champion is also a very very pretty and above all there are some some multimedia spaces that you liked very much to the visitors because they go to can check a lot of data from the history of sevilla that we have been collecting in the department of history for a long time.

Now the museum it was practically finished now we will start a beta phase in which the test that we will do we will evaluate how is the museum if there is some kind of error that we can operate before the opening but we all understand that we will see Completely finished the session some some some fringe some some little things I must say besides that it is a living museum a museum static of a dynamic museum in which the contents.

Will change normally and regularly there is not a space that is dedicated to exhibitions temporary as they arrive ephemeris as for example the centenary of the stadium of the avenue of queen victoria that will be soon we will dedicate that space in the 60 years of the east dragon sanchez pizjuán we will live streaming sevilla dedicate a museum to it alive or museum in which you can see the moment you will not see the same thing always true that people who have been watching he liked it a lot this we anima encourages us a lot because we see that has pleased you and has seen that it is a product at the height of seville fc and it's there so that we continue to enjoy it.