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On December 30, 1928, it was inaugurated the municipal balaídos stadium home of the real Celtic club of Vigo the field gets its name from the neighborhood where it is located south of the city ​​the balaídos neighborhood that comes to mean place where the hazel a few meters from the citroën vehicle factory live streaming atletico madrid main sponsor of the team celtine the plant started its activity in vigo more than 50 years ago and it is currently the largest factory of the French group psa peugeot citroën around the world.

It is also the most important sponsor longevity of Spanish football with more than 30 seasons sponsoring the Celtic something that gives us an idea of ​​communion between the city live streaming celta de vigo the club and its main sponsor in the vicinity of the stadium also We found a coffee museum as a point of meeting of his followers as well as the official club store balaídos has been the scene of great appointments not only as the local Celtic 'during its 50 seasons in first division.

It has also harbored the great afternoons of the celestial ones in European competitions and has even sounded the music of the champions also the Galician coliseum was one of the venues of the football World Cup 82 celebrated in Spain precisely from the world cup of spain of 82 in which the stands of River balaídos remains intact now the house of the Celtic is being modified to bring the team closer to their fans but respecting the old structure.

And that historic grandstand symbol of the city of vigo complete consists of maintaining the tier of river the scheme of the tier itself same with a change the cover and after the tribune grandstand and change the tier preferably the rest of the two funds are changed whole is given a unit through a cover common and as an element that pretends identify the whole stadium as a unique as a single building not as now that in which it appears.

Then a tier that is the river with a type of totally different construction and without any relation to the rest of the stadium which kept the viewer far away to the amateur far away from the players that what is intended is bring those steps closer so that players notice much closer the presence of the public a hobby that will increase the number in the funds of this new balaídos and that will encourage your team closer than ever of the grass a pitch that players.

Will step from the center of the field and not as hitherto to which they access from the goal tier this road to the playing field reveals several messages of support in Galician accompanying the template before each match is executed that is the tier of preferred that you already have a door to that go out to the field from locker rooms changing rooms to perform precisely is the phase in that we are right now.

Because some users are going to run under the stands live streaming celta de vigo preferably it is done and the project goes according to plan and in a couple of years the celtiña follower will enjoy this new house perfected but in the spirit of that historic stadium that emerged next to the ria de vigo.