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Atletico Madrid's success can only be achieved in 1940 when it was won as a Spanish league champion with 29 points or just one point away from Sevilla. Of course this is a big success in the professional era. But it should be underlined that at that time the name of the winner was not live streaming atletico madrid, but Atletico Aviacion. The club was the result of a merger with Aviacion Nacional de Zaragoza which was formed in 1939 by members of the Spanish Air Force, plus Athletic Bilbao who lost eight first team players due to the Spanish Civil War.

Initially Aviacion Nacional was promised to take part in the Primera Division but countered by RFEF as the operator. As a result Aviacion united with Atleti + Athletic and was allowed to play in the Spanish League, only because Real Ovideo could not participate because the cage was badly damaged by the war. Aviacion's formation is inseparable from propaganda efforts by the right-wing revolutionaries to transmit disciplinary and health ideologies in order to create superior individuals so that they are able to compete if war happens again to maintain fascist ideology.

Not only is Los Colchoneros the 'victim'. Real Madrid's stadium of pride, Charmatin is often used as a venue for military parades and a typical dictatorial state, as is often shown by the Soviet Union or North Korea and China. Charmatin became Atletico Aviacion's temporary home, except in the final game against Valencia which took place at Campo de Futbol de Vallecas and remained a permanent base until the end of the 1942/43 season due to Metropolitano conditions which were not worthy of being used due to the war.

Do not negatively think that Atletico Aviacion received special treatment only because the club management came from the military and civilians who fought for Franco. In fact Ricardo Zamora, the first post-Civil War coach, knew the difficulty of getting out of the propaganda of the authorities and the shadow of war that craved heroic action.

Forget how to play beautifully as today is glorified or harmonized between lines. The most important thing at that time was playing full of courage, as shown by the Spanish national team of the era, which was then known as La Furia. "I say no, Ricardo. I don't want to hear the reason or justification [when] your team is playing badly, and you know that, "said an unnamed Franco loyalist officer, as quoted from the book Una Historia de Una Fabula by Carlos Morino Benito.

Ricardo, what is lacking from this team is 'cojones' [courage]. Cojones are very much. The team must run more and throw everything at the other side. Zamora, stop for a lot of reason. "A coach must have a little enthusiasm, coercion, discipline. Now use the whip and use it again later. "

In addition to the two league championship trophies after the Civil War, there were no more achievements by Atletico Aviacion. This means that there is no evidence of assistance from the authorities, other than access to military vehicles and facilities, as well as special discounts for fuel purchases. It is worth remembering that in this era, fuel was very difficult to obtain because it was used more for military purposes, whether in Spain or Europe, which was raging World War II.

New success can be achieved when Atletico Madrid returns to its original name and is coached by a coach who has just recognized his prowess for introducing Catenaccio at Inter Milan, Helenio Herrera. There is also the name Larbi Ben Barek 'La Perla Negra' or the Black Pearl, the first African footballer to be part of the 'Delantera de Cristal' squad, along with Jose Juncosa, Jose Luis Perez-Paya, Henry Carlsson and Adrian Escudero in the golden era of Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid won the 2018 European Super Cup after a 4-2 win over Real Madrid in a match held at Lillekula Stadium, Tallinn, Estonia, on Wednesday (08/15/2018) or early Thursday morning. Atletico Madrid won this victory thanks to goals from Diego Costa (minute 1, 79 '), Saul Niguez (98'), and Jorge Koke (104 '). While Real Madrid were only able to reply twice through Karim Benzema's header (27th minute) and Sergio Ramos (63 ').

Although the match was held as a sign that the 2018-2019 club competition in Europe will begin soon, the victory of the game can help Atletico Madrid win major titles, namely Spanish La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. The belief in this was expressed directly by Atletico Madrid striker Angel Correa after the match. "Very happy to win this trophy. This match is final and whoever team we face, we always aim for victory," Angel Correa was quoted as saying by from

"The victory from this match will give us a lot of confidence. We really hope to have a good season," he said. Atletico Madrid's victory in the match made them the first team live streaming atletico madrid capable of always winning the title of the first three opportunities in the European Super Cup. Previously, Atletico Madrid won the European Super Cup in the 2010 edition of Inter Milan (2-0) and 2012 against Chelsea (4-1).