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Deportivo Alaves had experienced a glorious live streaming barcelona period in the range of the late 90s and early 2000s. They had tasted the UEFA Cup final in the 2000/2001 season. In the match, they faced Liverpool which was live streaming deportivo alaves then handled by Gerard Houllier. Although able to present a fierce battle, Alaves finally had to recognize Liverpool's 5-4 advantage. After that, they sank into the Segunda Division after ending the 2005/2006 season ranked 18th. Then they continued to suffer setbacks after being relegated to Segunda B in 2008/2009, due to debts that piled up the legacy of previous club owner Dmitry Pietrman and impacted Alaves' appearance. Slowly, El Glorioso, nicknamed Deportivo Alaves, begin to rise after a successful entrepreneur and owner of the basketball club Saski Baskonia, Josean Querejeta, took over the club under the name Avelino Fernandez. The target he set was a high target, however, it could still be affordable; back in promotion and able to speak a lot in Spain's highest level competition. Built in 1921 under the name Deportivo Alaves, as a form of envy against clubs northern Basque origin (Alaves came from southern Basque), the club based in Mendizorrora Stadium had become one of the club is taken into account in La Liga Primera Division. Had degenerated into the Segunda Division because of the raging World War II, in 1990, under the command of the new club president, Juan Arregui Garay, Alaves began to find a turning point. Eight years after Garay took office, Alaves finally returned to taste the Primera Division competition in the 1998/1999 season. Not finished until there, they also managed to advance to the final of the UEFA Cup in the 2000/2001 season (Alaves can get into the UEFA Cup because it was ranked the six La Liga Primera Division 1999/2000), and face Liverpool in the match, despite losing. The success that Alaves achieved in the early 2000s was none other than the transfer policy they did. They managed to bring in figures who eventually became key team players, such as Cosmin Contra, Ivan Tomic, and Ivan Alonso. The newly imported players are able to work together to improve Alaves' performance along with old players such as Martin Herrera, Jordi Cruyff, and Martin Astudillo. Don't forget also the name Javi Moreno who was the key player at the time (when the team was trained by the Mane Esnal). In the UEFA Cup final match against Liverpool, the Barcelona academy graduate successfully scored two goals against Sander Westerveld. Although he finally moved to Italy and defended AC Milan, Alaves supporters remembered him as a dangerous striker in the opponent's penalty box. Alaves' golden age, El Glorioso, at the beginning of the millennium was long gone. Now, they are preparing to fight back in the event they have left for 10 years, namely La Liga Primera Division. Alaves is known as a team to disrupt Barcelona-Real Madrid's dominance. In the past, with Valencia and Deportivo La Coruna, Alaves often became a club that troubled Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga. Now, even though there are already names like Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, Alaves still has the chance to be a nuisance to Barca-Madrid's dominance. In the first three matches of 2016/2017 La Liga Primera Division, Alaves has not been touched at all. They recorded two draws and one win. The winning record they recorded was not kidding. They won 1-2 over Barca at the Camp Nou. In addition, they also managed to draw Atletico Madrid 1-1 in jornada 2 La Liga Primera Division 2016/2017. A note for the newly promoted team from the Segunda Division is quite impressive. Moreover, victory over Barca was won at home. This is certainly valuable capital, as well as a form of planting their confidence in facing the 2016/2017 La Liga Primera Division, which will certainly be full of challenges. Armed with a squad that has played live streaming deportivo alaves together in the Segunda Division, plus loan players from major European clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona, ​​also under the care of Argentine coach Mauricio Pellegrino, they are ready to compete in La Primera Division 2016/2017.