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Warford are enjoying a stellar season in the Premier League this campaign and already looked like the surprise package for a solid run towards the top after finishing 17th last time around live streaming arsenal and just six points from relegation under the stewardship of Marco Silva the Hornets have already amassed more than half the points they collected last season there's still more than 20 games to go what is going on well according to football manager Watford continued to build on this season's imminent success and charge into a top six spot during the next 2018 2019 campaign.

They keep hold of silver so you can choke on them Toffees make a series of high-profile signings to boost the ranks here HRT see top corner gaming give you what foods future top 16 in 2019 if you're what's a fan you're gonna love this starting in the sticks we have a new signing in Simone a school fete while regular keeper Aurelio Gomez is a bit of a cult hero down on pit road and has pulled off some insane stops so far this season you have to remember he is 36 school fete is his younger Italian replacement signing on a free after he never got a new contractor.

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Who denies a that looks like an absolute bargain for a Blair who at 18 was touted the next Gianluigi Buffon if it wasn't for that donal rumor you may have actually heard of him the back for defense has three new faces whistling into the team on the left there is Premier League regular Stephen Ward who is of course a very familiar face for Burnley the new centre-back partnership mixes experience with youth and we will start with 30 year old Marcelo Brazilian is one of the Portuguese premier league's most reliable defenders and he's been on that for six seasons again.

Marco's Silva shows his extreme love for Valley for money and ropes in his new center off in true football manager style that's right I'm afraid he plays 26 games in total that 2018-19 season with an average rating of seven point three six Pat's on the back mr. Silva if you're wondering where the usual centre half's have disappeared to marietha is in Austria with SK Rapid Wien not sure what happened there or Prudhoe and Traverse la are still in the EPL with Huddersfield and West Brom so next to Marcello is potentially the loan deal of the century axle two on Zeb.

The young Englishman joins Watford on loan from Manchester United in the answers be smug place every EPL game with a rating of 7.45 coincidentally his value shoots up to 31 million I think you may have found a wonder kid all we need now is him to earn some more game time in real life so we can decide on whether it's to on Zeb or to Land's eBay honestly I have no king idea in real life and - and Zeb is a backup option for the Red Devils although he's been raved about for his performances in the cup and on the Nicki but in the youth if FM is anything to go by those.

Here is a future star in the making at old trafford finishing out the back four is dour Yanmar while the midfield is equally as recognizable Kakui & Decor a add some stiff steel in the middle in particular decor a developing really well and if we look here you'll see that as value skyrockets to 35 million that's plus 30 and Watford originally signed them for business 18 stamina 16 teamwork 17 work great 15 strength 15 acceleration what a machine the attacking trio is a work of art so let's start with the craftsmen the painter the architect Wow my actually describing Tom Cleverley here yes Tom Tom continues to prove an essential cog in watford starting 11 and even keeps out will Hughes.

I suppose all he actually has to do is slot the ball to the channel on his left because here you have rich Alison and here's been an immediate hit in the Premier League something that rarely happens with foreign imports the 2000 Brazilian has called five goals in 14 games and being a complete menace to almost every defense in the leaf Watford say they won't have to sell into any other division big boys and FM backs that up here he continued to develop as an outstanding winger or inside forward mainly under the mentorship of Marco Silva on the right there was an electric new boy called brill and bolo.

He's a rising star a shower curtain more like and has been rumored with a move to Tottenham but instead he maximizes his potential by switching over to Watford and for a cut-price 13 point two five million anyone out there playing football manager you may want to go and sign him he scores 11 with 10 assists in this first EP elk season and has 11 goals in 31 appearances for the national team awesome player in only 22 years old finally up top and we're afraid Club favorite Troy Deeney his been out muscled and nudge to the bench love good luck.

Whoever this fellow is out muscling Troy Deeney twenty-three-year-old mousa dembélé is a wonder kid on the game and what a capture that is from Watford the Celtic striker has been ruined with clubs left right and center but here are the Hornets tipping the competition to his signature they splashed out 22 million on him once again there's another smart piece of business from silver is them belly instantly but pays his managers faith with 16 finishes and his maiden campaign so there you have it what the starting 11 in 2019 according to the football manager 2018 game it's a team.

That is cemented a top six finish and with those new signings well it just looks fabulous Watford fans do hit us up in the comments realistically do you think your club could reach that sort of level over  the next couple of seasons and I love all the signings you've seen today which one would kooora you like the most everyone else let us know which club you support and we'll try and do a similar video in the future that does it for HRT see top corner gaming like and subscribe.