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We're talking about Tottenham Hotspur football club's history pull up a seat and let's light the discussion table gnome is located in the northern part of the city of London the city of London is located in the southern central part of England in the United Kingdom live streaming menchester city the club currently play in the Premier League and its home ground for this season is Wembley Stadium which holds about 90,000 people Tottenham is currently building an upgraded stadium on the same ground as its old stadium White Hart Lane the club played at old White Hart Lane from 1899 to 2017.

And it held about 36,000 people the new White Hart Lane is scheduled to open for the 2018 2019 season and has a capacity of about 62,000 people in September of 1882 the Hotspur Football Club was formed as an offshoot of the Hotspur Cricket Club the Cricket Club was founded two years earlier and the Football Club was started as an activity for the cricket members to perform during the winter most of the founding members of the Football Club were local school boys from st. John's Presbyterian school and Tottenham Grammar School in 1884 the club received some letters intended for a different.

Hotspur FC also based in the City of London so a choice was made to attach the local neighbourhood of Tottenham to the club's name to avoid confusion with their neighbours in West London since 1884 the club has been known as Tottenham Hotspur FC Tottenham has two nicknames Spurs and the Lilly what's the Spurs nickname obviously comes from the club's name of Hotspur but what does that actually mean well Hotspur comes from a 14th century knight named Sir Henry Percy who fought valiantly in battle while leading troops during the Middle Ages he was fearless and often charged into battle.

wearing Spurs sir Percy's behavior on the battlefield earned him the nickname of Hotspur additionally sir Percy's family owned large amounts of land in the area of London that became Tottenham when founding members of the cricket club met to decide on a name Hotspur was suggested in Amerasian of the local knight Sir Percy and in the hopes that the team would emulate his characteristics while playing so that's where the name comes from the club's other nickname of the lillywhites simply comes from the white color of Tottenham's kit which is considered lily-white.

Tottenham's present crest is a bird on top of an old look in soccer ball this appears a bit odd at first glance but once you understand the backstory behind it it makes a bit more sense in 1909 former spurs player WJ scott commissioned a copper statue to be built with this image to celebrate on Holmes first ever promotion to the top flight the club placed this statue on top of the West Stand of White Hart Lane the bird is a cockerel also known as a rooster fighting cockerels where spurs on their feet and are fearsome looking hence the association between the club and this image the ball is a depiction of the soccer ball.

That would have been used around 1909 though this was built in 1909 the club didn't use it as a crest until 1966 since then the club has used different crest but they've all more or less included this image in 2006 the club unveiled the current crest used today which is simply a cleaner more modern looking version of the statue from 1909 and crest first used in 1966 now let's talk about four important events in the club's history on April 28th 1951 Tottenham beat Sheffield Wednesday 1 nil at home in the second-to-last match of that season the goal was scored by Len duChemin and sealed Tom's first ever top-flight title.

About a decade later Tottenham won the first division title and FA Cup in the 1962 61 season 10 years after that first title the club played Sheffield Wednesday yet again at home on April 17 1961 Spurs won two to one to secure their second and most recent first division title one month later the club played Leicester City at Wembley in the final of the FA Cup on may 6th Tottenham won two to nil was second-half goals from Bobby Smith and Terry Dyson.

Tottenham were the first English club to when the double which is the FA Cup and first division title in the same season in the 20th century this historic season is easily the greatest in the club's history our third event happened on May 15 1963 when Spurs accomplished another historic feat on this date the club beat Athletico Madrid 5 to 1 in the final of the European Cup Winners Cup to become the first British club to win a European trophy and the last event I want to highlight here is not related to a match but it is still important in the club's modern history in 1991 with Tottenham 20 million pounds in debt.

Then manager Terry Venables and a man named Alan sugar teamed up to buy the club Venables was a former player and very familiar with the soccer world sugar had no experience with soccer and proceeded to upset and alienate the fans the next 10 years were rocky between ownership and fans with sugar firing Venables shortly after taking over the club by 2001 sugar sold a majority stake to current Tottenham owners before it fully divesting ownership in 2007 although the relationship was rocky sugar did rescue the club from a rough financial position at that time and it was incredibly important in the club's history.

Tottenham fans are likely most well known for the song oh when the Spurs go marching in the song is a slow build and seemingly the entire stadium gets involved which makes this a truly epic  experience other clubs and fans have versions of the song but due to Tottenham's recent rise in performance and popularity the song is most associated with Spurs these days Jimmy Greaves was one of the greatest goal scorers in British soccer history his Tottenham's all-time leading goal scorer and was signed from AC Milan after beginning his career at Chelsea while with Spurs Greaves won two FA Cups the European Cup Winners Cup and 42 England caps.

He left in 1970 as the club's all-time record goalscorer which he remains as to this day Paul Gascoigne only had a brief couple of seasons with the club but his talents were unquestionable he joined in 1988 for then record British transfer fee of 2.3 million pounds he was on the Tottenham roster for the famous 1990 World Cup where his performances earned him the love of the entire nation shortly after Gascoigne moved to Lotte CO and his career unfortunately fell off the rails but his time with Tottenham was arguably his high point David Ginola was exceptionally talented and won the 1999 Player of the Year award from both.

The English Premier League Players Union and the Writers Union he was the first player from a club outside of the top six to win that award Gareth Bale joined in 2007 as an unproven left back he struggled early in his Tottenham career but his physical tools forced him into more attacking positions for the club and he absolutely thrived he was dominant and scored many goals for Tottenham with plenty of them being Wonder strikes from outside of the box his 42 goals in 146 appearances for the club attracted Real Madrid who bid 85 million pounds for him in 2013

That was a world record at that time also the current crop of Tottenham players are very talented they're led by Harry Caine who was born five miles from White Hart Lane and has been with Tottenham since he was 11 years old Arthur Road took over as manager in 1949 while the club was in the second division he implemented a push and run tactics approach to the game with his players
passing and moving that proved incredibly effective Tottenham won promotion that season and followed it up with a first division title in his second season although.

He didn't follow it up with any other major trophies and was gone by 1955 he deserves mentioned here unquestionably the greatest manager in Tottenham's history was built Nicholson he was a fantastic servant to the club as a player making over 300 appearances for Spurs before joining as an assistant manager in 1955 he became full time manager in 1958 and led the club until 1974 Nicholson managed a club record 832 matches and won eight major trophies including the 1961 double and the 1963 UEFA Cup Winners Cup we've already discussed

He managed during the most successful time in the club's history and is it absolute legend for the club Keith Burkinshaw is the second most successful manager in the club's history he managed from 1976 to 1984 winning two FA Cups in the UEFA Cup the predecessor to the Europa League all told Burkinshaw managed 431 matches for the club and went out on top after winning the 1984 UEFA Cup and finally Mauricio puchen Tino deserves mentioned here he's the club's current manager and is proven to be one of the most talented and sought-after young managers in the world still without a major title at time of recording

If pata Tino stays at Tottenham and continues building his squad he could be considered one of the greatest managers in Tottenham history Spurs two main rivals these days are Arsenal and Chelsea as we discuss in our Arsenal video the Northland and Darby rivalry began when Arsenal moved to Highbury in 1910 Highbury was only about five miles from where Tottenham played at White Hart Lane the rivalry really escalated when Arsenal war infamously voted into the first division in 1919 at the expense of Tottenham years of animosity.

Between the clubs and important matches played only a few miles apart have helped grow this rivalry into one of the most intense in the Premier League as we mentioned in our Chelsea video the rivalry between Tottenham and Chelsea can be traced back to the 1967 FA Cup final that was the first FA Cup final to be contested from two clubs from London Spurs won the match 2-1 with two former Chelsea players which helped ignite animosity between the sides in the 1974-75 season the two clubs were battling to avoid relegation from the first division and met in a late season match Spurs won.

That to nil and effectively relegated Chelsea that season Chelsea turned the rivalry around in the 90s not losing a match for 16 years between 1990 and 2006 since then both clubs have built themselves into trophy contenders annually and matches between the clubs are always physical battles the most memorable recent match was the battle at the bridge Tottenham was chasing Leicester City for the league title in 2016 the club needed to win at Stamford Bridge to keep its title hopes alive incredibly physical mass that ended 2-2.

And should have seen multiple time and players sent off but inexplicably weren't Chelsea ended Tottenham's championship hopes that season which helped intensify this rivalry the stats and records were gonna discuss our as of March 2018 which is when we are recording this video tottenham live have spent eighty three seasons in the top flight in its history the club has 17 major trophies including eight FA Cups four League Cups two first division titles two UEFA cups which was the predecessor to the Europa League and in one European Cup Winners Cup the club's record.

First team League appearance holder is Steve Perryman with 655 appearances the club's record goal scorer is Jimmy Greaves with 266 goals Spurs record transfer purchase was davon s'en Sanchez from I acts and the Netherlands on August 18 2017 for about 42 million pounds when the club's record transfer sale was Gareth Bale to Real Madrid in Spain on September 1st 2013 for about 85 million pounds and one last interesting fact about the club Tottenham are the only non league side to have won the FA Cup after the formation of the Football League in 1888 Spurs won in 1901 after competing in the southern league that season so there you have it a bit of history on Tottenham Hotspur Football.