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Live Streaming Serie A Italia Matches Schedule Table Fixtures 2018/2019

Let's do another preview so here we go here are my predictions for how I think it's gonna go down in Italy serie a live stream for the 2018 2019 season starting with Parma who after being relegated to série D four seasons ago due to let's say simply bad finances made history by being the first Italian club to be promoted in three successive seasons to finally find their way back to Serie which included beating Speights SIA to zero in the last game of the season in Serie B to make it happen however fun fact apparently there were a few texts sent from Parma's top scorer Manuel ay cono to some of his friends.

Who were defenders on Speights yet before that final game where he asked them to take it easy so Parma could get promoted and now there are allegations of match-fixing which has led to a possible five-point deduction for Parma to start the season and a two-year ban for Kaleo but apparently only the two-year banned for the 36 year old striker has held up so I'm sure he's going to retire or at least I would retire under similar circumstances but around Parma this season and it isn't positive So I think they're going back down 18th and next up it's AC Milan.

Who it seems to have finally found some stability in their ownership group even if that new ownership group is a hedge fund from the US which seems kind of weird to be owned by a hedge fund but whatever they are now flush with cash which was enough of the tribunal arbitration of sport to overturn you waifus decision to ban Milan from competing in the Europa League this upcoming season due to financial Fairplay violations so all is pretty good on that front and all it's pretty good everywhere else too because this hedge fund convince club legend Paolo Maldini to come back and help be a part of restoring Milan's greatness.

Which finally you know because how was he not involved before and they got Leonardo to come back as well which was very important because when Leo Vannucci left to go back to you ventas Milan did some tidy business in that deal because in return they got highly rated twenty-four-year-old centre-back Mattia caldera and convinced Gonzalo higuaín to join them on loan which gives the club some viable options in the back and up top since Patrick cutroni one of Milan's bright spots last season looks to be ready for even more responsibility.

So I guess the biggest of my many questions for this club is about their manager Naro go to so and if he's up for the job as he gets the most out of a pretty young but very promising team while balancing multiple competitions which won't be easy especially as they try and decide which competition matters most to them which I assume is the league but the teams that they'll be competing against the get in the top four and I'm talking Aventis intern Milan on Roma and Napoli all got stronger this offseason - so I'm gonna say fifth right now let's talk a little Fiorentina.

Because I am absolutely loving their front three of Giovanni Simeone Federico chiesa and marco piazza who they just picked up from the Aventis and i think that's a very good sign and they got Kevin Morales from Everton on loan I just remembered that so they've got talent they've got depth and they've got options which has to put a smile on manager Stefano Pio Lee's face especially when it comes to his favourite 4-3-3 formation also he only is known for developing young players which makes him the perfect fit for Fiorentina who are reportedly putting a big emphasis on younger players in an effort to cut costs so with this in mind.

And taking the talent that they already have on their team into consideration I'm gonna say 7th and next up it's Sampdoria who are looking to take that next step this season after finishing with consecutive 10th place finishes over the last two years but then they sold a few key pieces and the spine of their team as Lucas Herrera went to Arsenal striker Devon Zapata left to adelante and their starting goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano which is a great name by the way and I wish I had a name that coul left for Sporting Clube de Portugal so they have some holes it might be too big for them to fill at the moment.

But the future looks bright so keep an eye on Dennis proc the 24-year old Belgian midfielder and 20 year-old Ronaldo Vieira who joins for Leeds because I think both of these guys are poised to fill the void the terreiro left in the middle of midfield so as for my prediction they're talking all about this I'm gonna say tenth again because why not and up next it's Odin si who are owned by the boats so family which if you're paying attention then you'll know that it's the same family that owns Watford which pisses off most Odin Si fans from what I understand.

Because they think the fo'c'sle family cares more about that team than theirs and honestly it kind of shows after going through three managers last season which saw them finish in 14th they hired someone new this past offseason who legit has a terrible record of van in Spain so I would bet almost everything that I have that he won't last the full season especially given the book so families track record with managers in general but I think Odin si will still find a way to stay afloat but barely sixteenth and now we got a club.

That I've been patiently waiting to talk about it is Napoli who did the unthinkable in some ways because I'm sure he was wanted by many teams and that is recruit the only man that has won three Champions League trophies with three different clubs Carlo Ancelotti to be their manager which is a huge get after they lost Mauricio sorry - Chelsea because they now have someone who can help them build upon last season's 91 points but unfortunate second place finish I mean you Ventus won the league the year before on 91 points and this following season it only got you second the problem is I think it just takes time for a new manager

No matter how good they are I think Pep Guardiola at Manchester City in his first season to implement new ideas and to get the players to buy-in especially coming off the great season that they had so I think there is gonna be a slight drop off despite the fact that inter loaded got most of their big players to stay convinced Captain Mark hyung shik to not go to China and be a deep-lying playmaker very similar to what Angela Lee did with Andrea Pirlo which extended his career and they signed Simone a Verity who had 10 goals and 10 assists for Bologna last season.

Which I think they'll end up putting up better numbers this season when he's on the field with Lorenzo and see me and Reece mertens among others because how could he not put up better numbers with that kind of talent around him however despite all the positive things that I'm saying I still think it's gonna take them some time so I'm gonna say third and now let's talk frozen ohne who despite getting past palermo in the second leg of their Serie B playoff in sketchy fashion because apparently the referee overturned his penalty call for Palermo.

Because the frozen Nonis players talked him out of it and the ball boys kept throwing balls on the field to slow down Palermo's attacks at the end of the game to make sure if frozen own a1 which now that I think about that some more that's a pretty smart move and I'm surprised that that doesn't happen more often well despite the official appeals of Palermo frozen Tony got promoted but I am predicting that they're gonna go straight back down because karma xx okay now let's chat about spall who spent 15 out of 38 weeks last season in the relegation zone.

But managed to survive and finish seven which for me comes down to their manager Leonardo simply cheek who since taking over in 2014 led them to promotion from Serie C to Serie B and then he's the same core of players that have them get promoted again to Syria and then he got them to stay up last season so the guy knows what he's doing and how to get the most out of his team and since they made some solid signings in the summer namely guys with a lot of serie experience that means they should be even better than last year.

So I'm gonna say 15th and now let's talk about the team that puts the ass and SAS swallow cess swallow and I actually don't think that makes any sense whatsoever anyway they're a club that seems to usually finish higher than it should while developing young players and they sell these young players to bigger clubs and then they find new young players to develop and rinse and repeat except for last season when they finally settled into being bang averaged by finishing 11th which oddly with 11 points behind 10th place but only eight points above 18th and the drop zone.

And that's just crazy how that all worked out but actually I think something similar is going to happen this season since they lost their best attacking option Matteo Poli tanto to Inter Milan and their best defensive option Francesco a chair beat alot CEO and this is despite me liking their new young attack-minded manager in Roberto de Zerby I think he has a really bright future but still 13 my next step is genoa who welcome back manager David baller Dini for his third time in charge of the club after they wonfinishing 12th.

This season though with the full offseason under his belt which saw 19 new players joined the club his intentions are very clear he's going young with a mix of a few experienced guys in the spine of the team they're gonna see what happens which I believe will be inconsistent but fun to watch 12 and now let's see how our way to cave over ona because the flying donkeys got lucky as shit to stay up last season after they had a run from December to May of winning two out of 21 games before winning their last three in finishing in 13th and this season man I think it could be more of the same especially since they lost most of their experienced backline to expired contracts or retirement and their top scorer Roberto and clay say to Napoli.

So I'm gonna say 14th and next up its lot CO and the first thing that I want to say is how sorry I am that you lost on the last day of the season to Inter Milan to see them leapfrog you for a Champions League spot so you now have to play in the Europa League instead that has to be heartbreaking and the second thing I want to say is how sorry I am to admit that you're still not going to finish in the top four in my eyes despite having cheer oh the scoring hero Mobley on your team and arguably one of the best young midfielders in the world and Sergei malinka Michos average.

Because I don't think it Mobley can match his 29 goals from the season before nor will Luis Alberto who had double digits and goals and assists last season as well but lotzie will hang around they'll be tough to play against so I'll say they finished six and now let's talk about Torino also known as the little brother and Turin since they always have to play second to Big Brother you ventus and well after boasting the seventh highest wage bill in Serie A last season they fired their manager halfway through the season and hired Watford's Walter Mazzarri and then to add to their woes their top player Andre of Bologna only scored 10 goals and yet they still finished ninth.

Which I would say is pretty respectable given the circumstances but apparently Torino fans and club president or bono Cairo want more but I'm not sure how that's possible if they keep selling some of their best players away like they did again this summer with Antonio Baraka and Camille Greek both going to Monaco so pick a side Torino if you're a selling club that's cool but then have realistic expectations 11 okay alright now let's talk about Emily who lit up Serie B last season by scoring 88 goals in 34 games however they also gave up 49 goals in those 34 games which is not a good sign as they make the jump up because if they're giving up that many goals to Serie B teams imagine.

What one of the top clubs in serie odds gonna do to them I don't think it's gonna be very pretty also they're definitely not going to be scored as many goals as last season either because the defenders in Serie are better - so in summation as much as I love a good underdog story and their sign enough Antonino lagu Mina from Palermo who I believe at 22 is ready to make a big splash in the top division this season and Polly is gonna be going straight down 19th and oh yeah you know who's coming next sing it with me you have to have the deepest team in all of Italy.

I mean they have death and quality in spades and in every position however with all due respect to Ed and Jacko new signings Javier Pastore and Stephen and Zhan Zi and the huge potential jenkies under and Justin Kluivert they don't really have any true Superstars which apparently is the way that they like it especially after they let big names like Roger 9 Glen go to Inter Milan and Allison go to Liverpool not that they had any real choice on that one because who turns down that massive transfer fee for a goalkeeper no one so it'll be interesting to see how manager is ABO DeFrancesco manages expectations especially with their magical run to the Champions League semifinals last season.

And how he manages not being able to sneak up on anyone anymore with his tactic since I think everyone in Italy and maybe all across Europe well have a better understanding of how to beat them but picking up Javier Pastore from PSG to play in the register role is a big deal to him in his formation so I'm torn because I know a few people that work for the club so I really want Roma to do well but I think the season is going to be a little more difficult than the last one but I still think they're gonna qualify for the Champions League I'm gonna say forth and up next.

It's adelante who have been overachieving for the last two seasons under manager Gian Piero Gasperini who I have a great deal of respect for mainly because he seems so fluid and flexible in his tactics which allows his team to play multiple different styles in the same game based on the situation I love all the managers that think in that way so it's no surprise to me that they followed up an incredible fourth place finish two seasons ago with a very respectable seventh place finish last season however the top six teams in the league keep getting better and better because they're spending more and more.

So I think Adelanto gonna have another slight drop-off even if one of my favourite players in Serie papa Gomes goes off again this season eight and now it's time to go to the land of Bologna for Bologna and that is a terrible joke and I apologize but I won't be apologising for what I believe this club is capable of this season under new manager pepo and zaggy who impressed many myself included with the job he did with venecia over two seasons but I can sense that he has a lot more to prove especially after his one tumultuous season at AC Milan.

And as he looks to prove that he's better than his brother who's been doing great things as Latios managed so I might be reaching here but my gut is saying 9th and I always trust my gut and now it's time for the last team before I get to my two top choices that's calorie calorie calorie it's a tough one for me to pronounce all right I'm doing my best over here I'm just a gringa and it's gonna be a tough one again for them this season after they had to win their last two matches of last season and get some help from other clubs to avoid being relegated so despite my appreciation for their hire of Rolando miron's from Chievo who has shown countless times as a manager about how he gets teams to avoid the drop.

I haven't seen that drastic improvement from the club over the summer to really think they're gonna do something special but mehran's expertise is going to be vital to figure out how to survive again this season so I'm gonna say 17th and yes let's do this the last two teams you ventus and Inter Milan and just like I did for the Premier League preview I'm doing these two teams together for this final hit because I don't want to spoil the surprise and it actually might surprise you of who I'm gonna choose for first anyway on one hand you've a made the biggest signing of the transfer window in the world getting Cristiano Ronaldo to come to Italy.

Which I never thought was even a remote possibility for a number of reasons but here he is and he's gonna make them better but on the other hand in termite have had the best transfer window in all of Syria by getting 9 gallon devry as Samoa poet on o V Coco pickles Martinez cut the ball day and maybe even Luka Modric if mods which gets his way and if that happens then my mind will officially be blown about the business entered did this summer however back to this hand Juventus is starting with a better team than Inter so in my opinion they're already well ahead of them and everyone else in the league especially with Leo bernucci coming back into the fold after it's pretty forgettable one year of Milan.

But hold on this hand wants to say something so what they brought back a 31 year old center back and signed an aging superstar which means they clearly only want to win now they don't care about building for the future and they're not going for the league or the Coppa Italia again they've been there they've done that so they're going for the Champions League and the Champions League only which means they could get distracted in their quest for that trophy which then means that inter could finish in second because even if they're distracted they're still good enough to hold you off unless.

You get Luka Modric okay then maybe that's a different story serie a live streaming so there you have it the hands and I have spoken you ventus is going to get first again but he's gonna push them the whole way and finish second and that alone along with Ronaldo and Italy should make this league incredibly fun to watch this season.