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Newcastle Match Live Streaming On TV Free Stream Online Bein Sports - why I love Newcastle United I've been a Newcastle fan since I can remember as soon as I could say football live streaming liverpool that was it Newcastle it's like a bad marriage isn't it like you fall in love with them initially and it's like it's really great you're infatuated you can't wait to see them then eventually when it's not going so good you just stick with them anyway don't you that's pretty much it's pretty much what it to be like for me in Newcastle United you don't get a choice who you support or PR especially it really is like if I've got into school and said I've decided I'm going to support Mannion ated you get bullied.

I didn't have a lot of good male role models in me life so when I seen these guys on the TV black made shit from the represent in my tone that was my meal role model I came here for me 10th birthday it was an FA Cup game we went to the die in minute against Charlton Athletic it was extra time ones each it was a horrible night and Alan Shearer are steps up with a free-kick me favourite player top corner and that was it and I thought well I can't ask for more than that my favorite players just not good in the top corner from a free-kick so that was my first game.

I me favourite Newcastle goal would have to be Alan Shearer vs everton without doubt sure are me you'll be wins it in the year for the first time in these last time in his career I think it drops perfectly if I sheer I put his laces through it absolute sun-dappled back of the net kind of beat that goal like but we do love a local hero because we identify with the more that one of us it's like me when I was a kid I seen Alan cheer and I thought that could be me one day but we don't just have Alan Shearer I mean he is the record goalscorer on a damn good England cup and while I'm on it

But we also had Peter Beardsley Paul Gascoigne I mean he didn't cement his legacy at Newcastle but he was from round here and went on to do great things as well Bobby Robson it was like to me the grandfather of Newcastle United you know who will love so much and a lot of Geordie legends have come from this club when you first fall in love with the club it's about your childhood especially with the way in Newcastle where when I was a kid and it caught me imagination it inspired us excited ISM it is happy for a young kid watching football at that age having players

Who could do magic and so many of them in one team now you're looking if you get one player in a side who's got a bit of magic about them out you may have less than who got more airs or someone like that one genius in a team we are geniuses throughout the team you had no reason not to support Newcastle it's our town our city it's our club and they're doing good so why not I've spoke so far about how everything was great growing up and it was a nice little fairy tale unfortunately we've now got my Ashley who owns the club when my gosh Lee took over.

He did things that rubbed us up the wrong way he changed the name of st. James's Park to the sports director Rena you know that is a name that's been with us for decades upon decades it's in the blood of the club he's done so many silly football and decisions we go onto the continent we I mean we get players from France from here from every with no Premier League experience they try to get a budget player who might turn into a Yohan Cabaye but often they turn into a UN Gouffran Allen port you had a pretty decent start his life at Newcastle

But you know the bad transfer moves on me the players were demotivated a lot of the time and although he's done well you know Crystal Palace and I don't take that away from the fact of the matter is for the last two years in charge of Newcastle statistically we were the worst team other than the team's the six teams over those two years that got relegated so a change was obviously needed now I know players need to be changed as well but you need to obviously change your manager when he's obviously not motivating the players at that time.

So we did that who did we appoint the second hand man who's also not motivating the players who clearly can't coach he's way out of a paper bag and come up with things like I'm the greatest coach in the Premier League he lost 10 games in a row me John Carver the mode I want I want 11 jackal ducks I don't even want one jackal duck me he's rubbish and he thought he was the team full of them would solve our problems I don't understand me it so a lot of our decisions were made we then went and pointed Steve McClaren the jury's still out on him for his track record.

I mean he filled with the golden generation of England and he couldn't even get with to a tournament let alone win the turn you couldn't even get thee so what's he going to do with bad players when he's filled with good players it worries us it is a very worrying time as a New Castle fun we're sick of fight and relegation when you know we get fifty or thousand here we have plenty money to spend and instead of him pop it in if we actually want to see not we don't expect to be challenging for the title but maybe mid table and a good cup run every year.

Would be all right and he doesn't care in the football Anderson's decisions he makes are absolutely garbage we've been relegated before which is a crime when you look at the size of this club this is a club that's beaten Barcelona in the Champions League we've challenged Manchester United for the league tale watching Alan Shearer get relegated as manager it was like watching your dad lose his job enemy Fayette won the club was already relegated when he took over and he was a sinking ship it was I trying to empty the Titanic on the way down with a bucket he had no prey.

It is a religion and I think because earlier in you know the country's existence we didn't have a lot of money up here so football became a relief of that like you know you'll forget about all your troubles you'll watch a game of football and forget about that and that's just ingrained now into the community if you get into a taxi oh yeah and the taxi driver see about football and you don't know about it it's not going to look any others right ways like look at your stranger it's everything I'll sit in the gallic attend a lot of clubs have the stress fun in the cop.

We've got the Gallagher and it means a lot to people who play here Alan Shearer sat in the Galaga 10 when he watched his first Newcastle game and then he scored a record breaking goal in the Galaga and it so many moments have happened and it means a lot of the funds and there I'm proud to sit there to me it's everything you'd expect it to be and more inside st. James's Park it the atmosphere is unreal the fit from the first moment ever walked up the steps and seen the electricity in the crowd you'll never have anything like it you know you go to big stadiums this massive stadiums all over the country.

You go to the Emirates no offense Arsenal fans but it's not impressive the atmosphere it really isn't impressive for the amount of fans have got there because they are used to that level of football live streaming newcastle we win a corner we'll go mental there's no other club for me that's for sure I'm made for this club and it's made for me I'm the true Geordie and this is my old time Newcastle United five-a-side team in ghoul we're going for Peter Beardsley not the most handsome man but he played beautiful football and he would be like a rush goalkeeper then I'm going to go for Gaza.

Because he had great spirit no pun intended he knew I'd have a good time and he got the skills then you've got damage in all I next to him bit of French Flay but a bit more handsome he's going to me go forward Peter Beardsley Luck's in the looks department and then going forward we've got the goals it's Les Ferdinand and the all-time top goalscorer alone Shira and of course the manager is this bloke Bobby Robson.