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Watch Streaming MotoGP live Stream Online Free - Today we're gonna be talking about the brand motogp news new rules on this stricter aerodynamic regulations for motor to be in 2019 now they're going to use what's gonna be called has a check in box to be used to test the legality of the new designs and motogp live all the teams are being you know the making and then I'll be running on the bike and basically this new rule this has stopped teams from changing Aero Farren's midseason so if you submit you know affair in a guitar at the start of the year to you know a technical director Danny Aldridge you have to stick to that until Valencia basically.

So the new set of rules they come out in July notably banning the practice of manufacturers using bodywork with removable parts they can be added a certain track so obviously Ducati they brought a new added extra wing if you'd like to call it a wing on the Ducati act I think it was Austria the added an extra little window for a little bit even more down a little bit more downforce and and the front of the the GP 18 and obviously now they want to try and stop that Honda they also back in the day when wings were actually allowed in 2016 they used to have the little motogp results triple wings on the three on each side

And they take them off and abdomen certain tries think we've got stupid amount of thing four or five at one circuit so yeah just trying to stop teams from gaining an advantage with just little wings and over this is a big part of racing now in Formula One and HP the aerodynamics is absolutely huge for the obviously you feel like enough so nothing is getting stupid and that's what they're gonna do to sort it it's also been confirmed the fairing to size wood designs even will be subject to new limitations in size which means the basically the new rules for the dimensions is that the top part of the Aero fairing

Will have to be six hundred mil whereas the lowest part of the fairing has to be five hundred fifty mil off the floor but also 550 more wide but then anything above it come to 600 mil like the top part of the error variance so basically it's not gonna be out it's not gonna basically be allowed to be bigger than a standard kitchen for it but there's gonna be ways that teams trying it round this which we move on to in a minute now moving on to the way they're gonna control the way the wings are gonna be a thick attached to the bike and how they're gonna be made legal or not legal.

So the way that they're gonna controller is they're going to build a check-in box basically the bike will have to fit inside a structure it's a box that's within the parameters of regulations so they're gonna basically build a door and see if the bike can fit inside the door if it can there you go you have motogp valencia your your fairing that's legal you can run that if it doesn't fit obviously it's not legal you can't run that ferry now they've obviously had a meeting with all the manufacturers and they've agreed to this and they're gonna they're gonna kind of put the chicken bikes on the chicken boxes and onto the bike rather.

Than move way around so they're not gonna put back into the jury-box gonna put the chicken box onto the bike so everything is nice and you know fair in all the different teams because obviously Bice they're designed differently so yeah it's just trying to keep it fair so the bike will stay in position the force would motogp qualifying be SATA certain length the back will be slightly off the ground by maximum of two or three mil and then we'll push in the check-in box if the bike fits inside within the rules it's fine if it doesn't fit it's illegal obviously not all the existing ferries will fit the new dimensions.

So they have to obviously revise their designs and yeah that's basically how they're gonna check it with this brand new checking boat so it's gonna be quite interesting really to see yeah this brand new design this brand new way of policing Aero fairings in in action so yeah quite an interesting design that we've motogp qatar got from Danielle Drew's and the MotoGP crew but moving on mercury teams this year obviously was restricted to one evolution fairing on top of their face.

Design so that's where Ducati brought in their edge for a little bit of wings because that was an evolution fairing the evolutionized their old fairing by making it a little bit better also Honda they've also taken advantage of that then the Audrey canto this will continue to be the case next season although the front fender may be changed independently of the main part of the fairing so that's something different for 2019 2018 and the same is 2018 manufactured most you'll be permitted one upgrade of the fairing per season and the manufacturer has the right or grade as on.

When they wish but they can't do it as drastic as he could in 2018 and also the arrow bodies to finding two parts the main fairing and then the front fender and they have the option to upgrade the main fairing and the front fender is separate time so they don't have to do it all in one that can do it you know motogp schedule do the main fairing other notes a midseason and then do the fender kind of middle of the second half of the season or or view a round so yeah quite confusing rules that's been placed there but that's how it's going to be pleased.

That's how it's going to be regulars for 2019 so hopefully things of you know sorted out and things are a bit clearer for the you guys with who's not filed you know sure what's gonna happen with motogp online the regulations and I don't still really understand the whole size the top area is still six hundred mil the lowest section below five hundred and fifty mil off the ground is 550ml wide above five hundred and fifty minutes six hundred mil white so yeah I'm not sure exactly what these measurements mean but it's obviously that's how big the fairings gotta be wide and height so the last little thing that.

I want to talk about is how they could potentially get around it now they could go internal with the holes in the fairing with little wings inside it or they could just motogp silverstone try and break the rules a little bit and bend the rules a bit like Ducati have done in the past but I think it's gonna be a lot harder this year police that police I even to get round that breaking the rules but I do think we might see a few more holes drilled in the fairing moves little you know in a car on the on the fun they have the little grills and if you have that in there then that could help you know the the airflow.

Around the fair in the aerodynamics of the fair and so yeah I think we're gonna see some radical internal designs in 2019 which could be really really interesting but yeah that's gonna be it for today allow so what'd you think about these brand new flaring rules wherever you're not you like the arrow fairies motogp calendar or you don't I personally like some of them some of them are a little it and kind of out there and a bit like stupid a little bit pastor the point of you know like legal al t but I think at the same time everything's are really cool.

But I don't know if this should be allowed because you know live streaming motogp at the end of the day is it part of racing yes it is but at the same time you just I don't know I don't know what you think down in the comments anyway and I shall see you guys they start all down until then thank you for watching. watch streaming motogp live stream online free Today bein sport, skysport, fox sport, live streaming trans 7, streaming trans 7, tv8 streaming, live motogp, gp moto racing, motogp assen, moto gp jerez, live streaming motogp trans7,, motogp live streaming, motogp online free, watch motogp online, motogp free streaming, motogp tickets, valentino rossi, motogp crash, moto gp today, motogp race time, watch motogp live online free, motogp live online