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Leicester City's premier league title triumphs of 2016 is quite possibly the live streaming chelsea greatest underdog story in the history of sport the foxes escaped from relegation the season prior and entered the 2015 16 Premier League campaign as five thousand to one Outsiders to lift the title their eventual success is even more noteworthy due to the mastermind behind it in July 2015 Leicester City appointed Claudio Ranieri as boss the Italian had come off an abysmal four-game spell as bein sports manager of the Greek national team and was fired by the Greek Federation's president who publicly apologized to fans for the most unfortunate choice of coach.

Needless to say rainy Ares arrival at Leicester was met with skepticism however the 66 year old went on to do the unthinkable by implementing a far from revolutionary 4-4-2 system which offered balance to Lester's limited squad his tactic was based around organisation hard work and counter-attacking at paced but as with all champions the defense acted as the foundation of his plan lest the city's defensive shape often saw too deep and compact banks of four in front of goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel this shape was crucial to suit the needs of central defenders where's Morgan and Robert Huth both.

Were immense in areal Jules end at commanding their defense but lacked pace and mobility making them vulnerable in open spaces that required Lester's fullbacks Christian Fuchs and danny simpson to mostly stay close to their centre halves to prevent gaps from appearing between them the full-backs would close down opposition wingers when falls were played in behind Lester's midfield line and would usually hold position when Leicester won the ball back before supporting attacks later on perhaps Lester's tactic wouldn't have been as effective without the emergence of then relative unknown.

And go low can take the Frenchman was Lester's tireless enforcer in midfield winning the highest number of tackles and interceptions in the league he perfectly complemented the attacking contributions of Danny Drinkwater who was often able to release Jamie Vardy with pinpoint passes from deep the duo encapsulated rani ares demands for transitions being both capable of retreating to defensive positions to maintain the team's overall narrow shape as well as break forward to support the attack when required moving forward Lester's wingers were given full license to attack a pace.

When possession was regained unlike the full-backs who seemed to drift forward late riyad mahrez and Marc Albrighton broke forward quickly targeting wide areas for overloads Jamie Vardy would contribute to the wide overload by drifting into channels to draw the opposition towards one side of the pitch this was particularly helpful in releasing riyad mahrez into one-on-ones against opposition fullbacks as his supreme dribbling was often seeing ghost passes marker with ease the pressing of Rani Aries two forwards was another key factor to their success that was mostly played out by Shinji Okazaki who took up deep positions to help link a usually outnumbered midfield to attack.

He would constantly harass opposition defenders and sometimes midfielders alongside Jamie Vardy another relentless worker and counter attacking Brett Vardi would always sit on the shoulder of the opposition backline offering a direct outlet for his teammates Vardi prioritized runs into half space as he attempted to either drag opposition defenders out of position to make space for a teammate or run into the already exposed wide areas offered by opponents who had overloaded their stubborn and resilient defense in closing Leicester cities title winning run of 2016.

Will go down in history in an age where money tends to dictate success the fox's unexpected triumph serves as the perfect antithesis showing that strength in the collective no matter the price tag or reputation can overcome individual quality with the right preparation mentality and of course the perfect execution