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Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid in July swapping Spain for Italy in is stunning 105 million pounds transfer deal the 33 year old has sent excitement pulsing around Serie A again with his debut against Chiba the fourth most watched game in Italian football history Cristiano Ronaldo is set to start for Juventus against Lazio this weekend where he will be aiming to register a first goal for his new side and former Inter Milan and AC Milan hitman by rethinks people criticizing Ronaldo's move to Turin are nearly jealous.

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He said cr7 arrived in Italy at 33 everyone says that's old but in reality they're just jealous because Juve pulled out 100 notes and bought him they took the number 1 and brought him to Italy he scores a lot he's got over 600 balls and scores 50th season left foot right foot head he scores every Sunday he's a gold machine while Juventus popularity has never been higher realer feeling the effect of the post Ronaldo world there crowd for their La Liga opener against head Tophet on Sunday was the lowest it has been in nine years.

They also looked toothless an attack without the Portugal international losing for two to two fierce rivals Adil Tico Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup last week and Ronaldo has set his sights on two throning his former club as Champions League winners the player helped Los Blancos win the tournament four times in five years and he now wants to reach the same lofty heights with Juventus Ronaldo said I want to win the Champions League with Juventus we will do everything to win it.

A going to be building a juventus squad made up of officially signed Juventus players players who are a tactical fit for your ventus a financial fit and some of the players that are rumored to be joining event assistance oh this could be the potential squad for the 2018 2019 your Ventus squad in Syria they have already officially signed the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo and we're going to be facing lost blank costs here today in a friendly match as I imagine this season.

It's only inevitable until your Ventus actually play Real Madrid in real life in the Champions League now guys if this video can eat 200 likes within 24 hours I will do a you've enters a create a career mode I really like the look of this squad and I would also do a Manchester City potential squad as they have just officially signed to riyad mahrez so this squad is made up of Ronaldo Marshall Bharati Amory Chan every Chen has been officially signed Pirin.

As well Matti odami an heavily rumored to be joining the Aventis goth Glynn I think that's how you say he's named the Russian who's had a phenomenal World Cup but let's get stuck into the match against Real Madrid dibala scoops turn trying to find Cristiano his new strike partner we're playing a three for three at the moment karim benzema over loses it to Chiellini sergio ramos charging forward finds myself Ascencio to bar luck trying to close down the gap Luka Modric from midfield. But I plan to do some more of these potential squads let me know in the comments guys will you like me to do all this County here Ronaldo on the ball finds dibala can he beat sergio ramos dibala ah couldn't sneak it around pianist finds dibala Oh slips through Douglas Costa on the right Davis Costa I merely goes in from the corner kick now guys please take note this is not the best possible you've enter school.

I can feel it it's trying to just fit in a potential squad what could potentially happen this is Renaldo Oh Toni Kroos finds her demons Emma a sincere are Real Madrid have been robbed they're off the post twice em reach an on the ball the Liverpool trader flies Ronaldo Anthony Marshall heavily rumor to be joining Aventis the rumor that never dies away Tony Marshall can't do it dibala pianist Oh sees Anthony Marshall puts it into Ronaldo on the volley.

Oh he takes a touch with it but Cristiano Ronaldo is scored against his former side and soon it's one nil just before the 42nd minute Anthony Marshall breaking down the wing the two former Manchester United players he whips it into the box Cristiano Ronaldo is it marked a nice cool calm and collected tap and Cristiano Ronaldo has scored his first goal for Juventus the old Leigh Leigh Leigh Leigh lady in Turin haha excellent stuff from Cristiano sure.

And he does look good in that black-and-white zebra looking kit excellent stuff maybe I did buy a Ronaldo kit let me know in the comments Ronaldo finds the tap to pee a niche dibala o sees the run of Cristiano takes a touch against Carver how with all he's just gone straight for girl there Oh Marco Verratti has just intercepted he did play in Syria back in the day are trying to sneak it to ronaldo unselfishly there and it's going to be a real madrid counterattack Benzema finds bail bars a glee close it down.

Benzema gets the strike at in pianist Kosta man we've been lucky to not concede as we don't have Buffon as well dibala sees Cristiano he's rattled the post denied and they built up from the back again dibala pianist seems to run from Cristiano hits it oh it's two goals it's an excellent brace from the Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo arguably the best player in the world three back-to-back UEFA Champions leagues.

He makes a tuna in the 56 come on God last saw Cristiano ah excellent stuff one Kudarat oh unselfishly gave him the number seven and it looks great in that Juventus kid what ago maybe for FIFA 1990 to do a Juventus career mode to start things off early on because I just love Cristiano Ronaldo okay guys it's trying to make some substitutions as Maceo darmian is still heavily linked with the Aventis we're gonna be bringing him on probably on that right hand side.

I think even though you'd think that one could rider will be better that just shows you an example of I'm not picking the best possible squad I'm picking the squad that you guys could potentially see in the Champions League this season or potentially Syria so let's get stuck into the second half now shall we we've got Gonzalo who green I'm going to put that Mattia darmian on that left hand side Carver how in short bio that's a handball.

But Anthony Marshall whips it out here it's gonna fall short back to moderate maceiĆ³ darmian on his debut pulls it back for devala Mandzukic no way man zu kitch aha two goals in the final one was a known goal though Benzema Isco Oh goggle in the Russian with an immaculate save nice one too intricate passing here or an aldose in through dibala and it's gonna be as an assist for Cristiano and dibala does look like the rumors going around.

That he could be joining Liverpool which I reckon is a bit of a faster seat a fast asleep okay to speak right faster T the fastest e fastest he city parsecity is joining Mancini yarder their first varsity I got even speak properly yeah there's no way he's joining Liverpool dibala that would be insane Bharati charging forward when Aldo drops back Mandzukic darmian wins it back we're an elbow Mandzukic back to Ronaldo trying to open up some space for dibala de ba la mezzo.

Kitch ah he picks up the crumbs Mandzukic who scored and scored a goal and he scored an own goal in the final between Croatia and France I was barking for Croatia but yeah it's good to see France win they never won in a fair few years after getting dumped out of euros by coincidentally Ronaldo Marcello Maude rich nice one to pass sometimes you can get lucky when those tackles charge forward can we Nick a counter-attack here there.

They're absolutely throwing players forward here Real Madrid losing with confidence and Bale sprays it wire to the target but that's it guys the full time whistle has blown thank you very much for watching this juventus potential squad for the upcoming 2018 to the 2019 season leave a like if you've enjoyed the video if this video can hit 200 likes we in 24 hours I will do a full Juventus season 1 career mode on the channel and I'll also do another potential squad.