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Today we're talking Crystal Palace little preview on Crystal Palace how they did last year how we clearly gonna do this year in the pro rules done research again give us some that will load that there may know who know how they get palace start off a lot season yeah they had a horrendous Kosta member vinkor the ball wasn't yet and was he lost four games about scoring so that he or sacked yeah Hodgson came on.

I think he lost his first three against they've got three of the top four yeah I mean look tank inside of it still haven't scored yeah that was good and they had the worst start for a team which ended up staying up I think yeah however that's always not surprise me so basically the turnaround was ridiculous Roy watch some bossed it then they end up eleventh yeah they look like
they were going down it was always guaranteed.

But see he massively turned them around like they were like Jekyll and Hyde they were terrible yes but the board tried to get him playing like tick attack on yeah that's not Crystal Palace yeah that's the Ballet's comment my shame shame so they've ended up second offseason they did well yeah so Roy Hodgson this season he's had time to gel he has he's had he's got his bad start out the way yeah I think this season they're gonna do alright yeah.

A great problem is one of the big players has gone lost as sheep yeah that's huge back to Chelsea whether or not ends up being somewhere else the thing is easy to give a player Chelsea probably not he needs to go to your needs I mean if they can Palace would snap their hand off of him back due to class yeah I mean that point of filming he hasn't gone yeah he may have gone before
they start the season here that would be a great beer business back.

So the basically they need to fill that lobsters Cheapside yeah yeah they don't they've signed a few people yeah they got is it great waiter yeah all it's a goalie from get out they then more recently they've got quiete from West and West town that means that defensive Middle East mate he's just an engine in it so does he fill the hole and cowboys left as well you know by the leather he was almost on his way I didn't play too much.

He was one of their crucial planes autism whereas before he was the heir true and they filled that gap with Max mayor that and Schalke I think is one of the best bit of business here all summer and they're free that is unbelievable signer and he was think we've asked nor Liverpool loads of other teams in Europe and transplanted could have a very good season that is a great bib is the only one the other one of note is Jordan much yeah.

I'm back from Vancouver alone random a he fell off the place they say yeah he was highly rated probably using those grounds but I looked into Vancouver and he actually didn't do that that breakage or DiNozzo okay so key players for Palace we all know one who is it should just be keyed layer yes not key player its wolf enough yeah Wolfie yeah Izawa he needs a big season I mean he is there boy without him they didn't basically win again now see without him.

They are relegation battle be done with him they are mid-table vibrant completely agreed so where do we think they're gonna finish we've said around just below mid table yes our 1213 record we did you know easy like if they keep this one that I've got with me love Zaha towns and yet they'll have enough and I've got crystal palace live stream the whole season with me other than they mill avoid bitches mobile for key players by web player top scorer last season pen taker good pens eka rely on your fantasy team.