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Watch Football Online Live Streaming TV Bein Channel 2 Today

Today I'm going to show you how to watch World Cup yalla shoot live using the IPTV servers first of all let me tell you what is IB TV IB TV it's simply a playlist that allows you to watch TV channels live from all countries around the world with your preferred language including the premium or paid TV networks so all you need is to get m3u playlist for IB TV and a good internet connection then you are ready to go so let me show you how to get that m3u playlist first

And then I will show you how to play it on your computer or your Smart TV first of all you need to go to Google Chrome and visit this website here in the name of the website can view it basically this website add every day a new servers so you see here may 8 min sevens and so on so we will go for today's recording which is many a 2018 all these are servers that will allow you to download m3u however some of these playlists are not working

So we need to make sure if it's working or not and to get this you will need to download software called IPTV checker
IPTV checker this software will check the server if it's online or offline here is the software now we open it it looks like
that all you need to do is go to file import links from text and go back to the website copy these links for today
control C right click and copy then rest here and then a little bit click Add here once it's here you click on start
checking channels.

Some will come in red and some will come in green green means online red means offline let's finished now we can click on show
only online channels so we got these we right click copy URL new tab here we go and download the m3u file once we download the file we go to the desktop where we downloaded the file itself and here it is we go to VLC software here we go open and open this file and it works and you are actually watching VM sport

Now and you can view the playlist all tv bein sports here well you can look you know being a sports one two three four and so on and once you are done you are ready to go now you know how to watch it on your laptop or your computer I will show you later how to watch it on your Smart TV when you own the room I thank you and you have a good day.