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Cardiff are the championships formed side while wolves have set the pace in the league Aston Villa are revitalized under Steve Bruce and Fulham are playing live streaming manchester city some of the best football Neil Warnock side have quietly got on with the job of winning in fact in the league Cardiff are unbeaten since January the first a run of nine wins and two draws they have only lost once in any competition in 2018 to Manchester City in the FA Cup Cardiff have used a variety of formations.

This season including deploying three at the back but have favoured a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 in their recent run kenneth ahurei leads the line flanked by junior Hoya and Nathanael Mendes Lange in front of a midfield three that generally features Joe Rawls and Loic tomorrow who also plays in the hole in the 4-2-3-1 and Liverpool only marker Gooch who is also impressed in recent fixtures Cardiff defend aggressively helped by the physically imposing nature of their backline.

Joe Bennett aside Bruno manga is a centre-back playing mostly on the right while sole Bamber is a significant aerial presence both defensively and offensively and arguably the best centre back in the league this season Bamber especially steps out with the defensive lines of close down players with Bennett covering over from left back indeed Cardiff positional fluidity in defence especially against teams who play it quick and short can look like disorganization in fact.

The stepping out and covering a cross is designed to close down threats and win the ball back irrespective of whether that pulls someone out of their standard position this defensive movement is aided by the covering of the wide attacking players especially junior hila on the left who works extremely hard to drop back into the wide space to cover Bennett's movement inside Bennett does not just tuck in to cover for bambor pushing forwards.

He also pushes up into the midfield area if cover there is needed the Cardiff backline can also shuttle across if this happens effectively stopping up the center with three centre backs and Hoya and Mendes lank covering like wing backs in the midfield Cardiff closed down the opposition and tend to follow their men if a Moore is playing in the double pivot rather than the hole he will still follow the man he's closing and the number Cardiff player covers the space.

He's vacated ahead of this kenneth ahora rumbles around pressing the players in possession Cardiff tend to press more at home than they do away as might be expected Warnock's teams have conceded fewer goals than any other side in the championship their combination of movement aggression and effort is paying dividends Cardiff's intention is to win the ball back quickly by pushing
forwards and then transition straight into an attack by getting the ball into the opposition half.

It's a form of vertical football but once the ball is transitioned quickly and directly cardiff are happy to play attractive football it's not just punted long balls and set pieces though cardiff certainly do pose a threat from a dead bull with their height and power winning the ball wide means a quick transition to the wide attacking players who push forwards and look to deliver a quick crust as a horror or drive to the byline and cut back for a midfielder coming from deep.

Cardiff will use a horror as an out ball centrally and he's good at flicking onto the wide players cutting inside or back to an advancing midfielder the central midfielders the more especially are also expected to get up in support and provide late options around the edge of the box Cardiff get lots of shots off the second highest number per game in the league and Wiles ahora has scored seven so far winger Hilah and midfielder Patterson are Cardiff's joint top scorers.

With a teach midfielder Joe Rawls also has seven ahora is the focus of the attack but his function is as much to disrupt the opposition marking and bring all the players into the attack bein sports as it is to score himself Cardiff could unfairly be categorized as a long passing team relying on physicality and pace and the exploitation of set pieces while all of these are strengths Warren oxide have no little skill and an intelligent defensive system.