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A 16th place finish in the Premier League this time last year meant it was mission accomplished for Sean Dash's Clarets who comfortably retained their top flight status for the first live streaming manchester united time since the 1970s the backburner achievement had been impressive home form the buzzword moving forwards was improvement the results will be nothing short of spectacular this is the story of how Burnley Football Club took flight and brought European football back to the town for the first time in 50 years as ever Boyd Michael Kitely Tendai Derek WA Andre gray.

And Anna club-record move Michael keen to Everton Kevin long signed a new long-term deal while club legend Michael Duff had a new job having been promoted to under 23 head coach from his previous role with the youth team entering the fray were attack minded Legion itíd defender Charlie Taylor Stoke stalwarts Jonathan Walters and Phil Bosley and for a second spell at Turf Moor midfield dynamo Jack cork the latter named trio would immediately provide more Premier League appearances and the entire squad combined Adam legs dihn's spots of the goalkeeper.

Department on the eve of the season and it was all systems go for arguably the toughest start anyone could have imagined the fixture gremlins through a series of challenging away games at Burnley from the start none more so than champions Chelsea on an afternoon that immediately buried the away day hoodoos and made the world sit up and take notice hey just coming away from centre back encouraged to come forward some other big nicked it with a shotgun oh you feel for gary cailin I don't think he meant it here's low tinny space can he deliver the right cross here Lotan - angling in there.

For folks touches you know she's got it in on the post the clerics leaders Stamford Bridge worked it well Burnley trying to help in on towards Ward he'll break into the box his team awards a goal from Steve award champions Chelsea nil Burnley - and Steve award has got a goal of the season contender on the opening day here's Brady to deliver feel sure I just wound down in the middle and taint your chances here's before 10 equina football here it's the story of the day his William Williams he got across in dangers what protecting their they've got one back.

Its mulatto on his debut you ain't ballin no rattle one it was a couple of whereas challenges there his odds are fàbregas is gone whoa sent off second yellow Murata to flick on the way so he's going to go back straight to flick on all the way and with two and a half minutes remain she'll sing a buck in this William Inge space hooks apologize about post gonna gonna walk away her lungs are blocked finally I don't got it properly away they have now show us the points into the Chelsea heart we also win for Burnley what a story burlier pulled off a miracle win it's rare that you come to these coaching III know.

We've had some big results at times but rare to be 3-nil up at halftime and even at the end now gave our funds a little bit because I am human this means a lot to me it means a lot to the team an opening home defeat to West Bromwich Albion proved merely a blip before normal service was resumed with an our customary victory over Blackburn Rovers in the EF Elks got it well he's gone and scored but he would Park falling to the middle to find Brady ready to take it up complete control of the game water finish notable debutante he would park was record signing Chris Wood.

Who duly announced his arrival in sensational fashion at Wembley Stadium just four days later swung into water the near post and
flicked on dangerous one Billy I'm going away big chance in there but initially Spurs have forced it on its daily highway then
we couldn't get the corner away as he found her way through towards reconciling Chris Ward in each Mick time oh what a debut and Chris Wood has got it it's nice to always get off the market a new club thankfully it hasn't taken a lot a long time but it takes for special because we've got a good point away from home and a point.

I think allows deserved after the fighting spirit was showed the Strikeforce is added to again on deadline day with the movement striker and Nucky Wells completing his move across the pen irons from Huddersfield Town while injury would delay his Premier League bow but it was Wood who continued to blaze a trail this time grabbing a go on his home debut to sink Crystal Palace what a
start to his turf war career Burnley Ward parlour still the day was however marred by shoulder injury to club captain Tom Heaton which thrust Nick Pope firmly into the spotlight earlier.

The concern here Tommy user himself as he's collected that I took you over body's always dangerous for keepers and he's fallen on his left shoulder here and this is a problem Tommy just being out top it's a Premier League debut but Nick Colt Pope's rise to prominence would become one of the stories of the season but from his very first game it was clear that Burnley were in safe hands might fall for Ben Tucker in there through the Malibu Oh say from Nicole didn't I one of the best strikers in the Premier League something like.

I wanted to do when they came to Burnley also from Charlton to sign and hopefully get Premier League games so to make my first ones a massive achievement for me personally meanwhile with would another instant hit at Turf Moor the old guard were not about to be upstaged and on another big platform at Anfield Scott our field again came up with a timely reminder of his goalscoring prowess to earn an eye-catching punt one ball for looking for Brady and Rommel being taught by Brady can look win the next
ball try so cannot touch Hippolyta Scott are filled with a girl on his right thought toll finish into the corner but on 26 minutes Burnley.

I've got the lead chanted to lick one of the top looking for seller on the run we saw danger signals position savage at one mark Salas scored Saleh has equalized for Liverpool in a reversal of fortunes it was the Clarets home form in the early weeks that was
proving a minor irritation with Leeds ending their interest in live streaming burnley the EFL Cup and in Welles his old club Huddersfield Town showing more Yorkshire grit to earn a point and as an eventful month ended there was a fourth edition to the goalkeeping ranks as free agent and former Manchester United's topper and as Lindegaard joined until the end of the season back on the road.