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Watch Football Bournemouth FC Live Streaming Free Bein Sport Online - The club has so much potential to provide people usually look for the big clubs and the Premier League live stream chelsea but I'm looking forward to them to the season common there is a beautiful coastal town on the south coast of England where a small local football team have been waiting for many years to have their story told they are called Bournemouth Football Club on September the 11th 1875 eight enthusiastic gentlemen led by John Ned echo met here with one sole objective in mind to establish a local football team it was decided to call the club form of Rovers however in 1889 following a merger with local football team form of Arabs he was decided to call it a form of Football Club streaming bournemoutha proud founding member of Camp serefe and also one of the oldest clubs in England yet few know of their existence.

I've never heard of foremost bobbies before from my house I can actually see the club who are all the poppies I guess would be my question not too much but now a couple of guys I think that pay for them and a while ago just behind me Victoria Park the home of Alma's office and we've been given exclusive access to journey through the club's past present as well as uncover some hidden messages and stories of the club if he had not paid would have meant us going out of business welcome to our local club our journey begins with us trying to understand more about the history of barnmouth floppies and its national importance he wants to talk to some long-standing and influential members at the club.

Who understand the club in their own unique way we're one of the founding members of the f8 we've been involved for a long time in football I'm proud of that heritage William Pickford was a former FA chairman who was very very keen to promote local football in his hometown these guys were influential in the world of football not only at local level I suppose you'd call us nearly men we we always almost get there but we have actually won the Western League back back before the war we've won the league either side of the great war so we have won although most of our supporters these days won't remember us winning much 1996 was was a dodgy year for the club Vick domine he put his hand in his pocket and paid a very substantial.

Electricity bill which if he had not paid would have meant us going out of business Victoria Park used to be a farmer's field and one of our fans in we must have won a good game but he actually gave us the farmer's field as our new ground and so Victoria Park was was born at that stage first ever match you know we're talking pre Hollywood here we're talking ancient history and suddenly we're playing on an annexe farmer's field and electric lights it must have been fantastic in those days donated by a huge Club at the time Sheffield Wednesday still big but in those days they were amongst them ITT I've been here nearly 10 years I've done various roles in this club.

We've got AFC Bournemouth down the road and people think this is the reserve team Wimborne Paul were in the league we were getting 350 to 400 here but then those teams get promotion other teams come in who don't bring some any support with them weekly average gave of about 70 on a good day we ever laughed and the joke in a kit room but they don't go into the key room that's my domain also a copy and put it straight into the washing ready for the next game this the next phase of our journey takes us to the preseason training as the Corps prepare for the season ahead as they hope to achieve a high league finish to improve on their season in the sytems Wessex Premier League outside of football.

I manage personal injury claim I've coached Berber town in the Wessex pram I've played four of my years and I used to be a former form of Papa's player in the youth teams it gives me kind of like relief away from the family and from work and I enjoy it it's a hobby it was difficult a couple of years ago with a young family but now that they're a bit older it's it's time to really get back into it get focus with all the poppies I was at AFC Bournemouth from when I was about eleven to about fifteen so that
was sort of good good for years good professional coaching and it's really good really good grounding under-18 reserved football between sixteen

And in eighteen and then I went off to university for four years played for the Reading University football team travelled back and forward when I was out reading in my last of two or three years so I didn't lose using the problems and I ended up coming back every weekend the final part of our journey takes off the fields where the club has been busy establishing new sponsorships and working with nerve medium it's clear to see that the poppers are moving forward and we spoke to the people at key and expanding the club's new and exciting future that lies ahead is essentially a student-run media team so we've got our radio station we've got our nerve TV team we are online as well so there's our website and we've also got a news team.