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With marc-andre caste and they already have a fantastic goalkeeper yes bacillus n' is an awesome back up so no goo keepers in this episode so we are starting off with the centre streaming barcelona back position Javier Mascherano laughter he by fortune in the winter so they don't have a lot of replacement for that yeah Romina is okay but he isn't world-class so far so Barcelona is looking for new center backs and they want to get live streaming barcelona Mateus the lift is only 18 years old in some games already the captain of FC is and he plays very mature and professional for a young player on that position.

He is strong his technical is everything together you want one of the best youngsters on this position I am doesn't really want to sell him but if one-club one-city around 45 million pounds as he iooks is willing to listen and I think this player could be totally perfect for FC Barcelona in the long run we are la liga live streaming staying with the center bags and we go to OGC nice in the league and there we find sorrow he isn't super tall only six foot but he has a lot of face he is great with the bull on his feet with dribbles and passes and also physical.

He is top-notch you can compare him a little bit with Samuel MTD he isn't as expensive as Mateus the least but he is still pretty expensive with around 35 to 40 million pounds he is young he is talented 19 years old and as I told you he can become the new Samuel TV one of the players that is very high on the wishlist of both Real Madrid and Barcelona is David Alaba is he going to live by a Munich I'm not quite sure Byron Mike also Lewis Levin dusky and I'm sure that they don't want to lose two superstars of their team but alibi is happy at Bayern Munich.

But he's also looking for a new adventure and in the Spanish La Liga the Real Madrid and Barcelona he can find that new adventure but as I told you not sure if Bayern Munich is willing to sell him but if they want to sell him Barcelona and Real Madrid are going all out with around 75 million pounds for this el clasico live stream man and what is so great about him he can play as a lap back he can play as a cent back but he can also play as the CDM as a sentiment even as a cam or as a left me through the left winger so he can play multiple positions and that's what every coach and club is looking for a viable at the years Ola is the right back of radial.

Sushi dad and you might think right back they already have a feed all their surgeon reputed to Nelson samito I agree guys so for those reasons I don't recommend him to go to Barcelona you will face a lot of competition and Barcelona should use the money for the positions they really need players the right fc barcelona live back position for now is good but SuJu Roberto Nelson Mito Fidel might leave the club so Audrey Azula stay what radio show she dad for one or two more years and wait for a better chance to go to a higher club Paul Pogba is live with almost every major club in Europe.

Because he isn't truly happy anymore at Manchester United Casa Marina isn't always using him in the starting eleven so a player like poor papa with an agent like mineral Ola they want to be important at a club or else they are going to leave so Paul Pogba is heavily linked with a move back to his home country barcelona live stream the poor a satchel man but also Fox Aluna is eyeing Paul Pogba if the deal with Maria such a man is going to collapse they might make an offer of around 140 million pounds a play that will fit better at Barcelona and a pub pub is a linguist he is played for my beloved Atletico Madrid.

But well guys I am realistic a little Madrid is a nice cloth but they can't compete in the long run with Barcelona or Real Madrid who have a lot more money to have Barcelona wants to get some ooh and they're going to pay around 100 million pounds I think elliptical has to sell him and the player wants to go away barcelona live match from the club with Olli you never really know it because he is a child after club atl├ętico he wants to stay there is old career he's said to the press you never know if that's correct if another club is going to offer him a lot of money but looking barcelona wise it would be the perfect replacement for the all the players from the sentiment few spots.

Because he is so complete he does everything to get her he wields heart he is great on the pool and he also scores goals we're selling gas is more a box-to-box player you we have Christian Eriksen and he is more a cam he is very creative his set pieces of world class his free kicks his long passes his fruit bowls real madrid vs barcelona live he is exceptional on that position Tottenham Hotspur wants to keep all the key players at their club because they want to challenge every year for the league title and for the Champions League qualification but Christian Eriksen his favourite Club is by Salona so that might be enough to lure.

Him to the camp now so easygoing is he staying it is all out in the open and Christian Eriksen has to decide where his future lays staying with Tottenham Hotspur or making a move to his favorite childhood club FC Barcelona this might shock a lot of Real Madrid fans but also maka sends you is linked with a move to the arrivals of Barcelona how why you might ask yourself Real Madrid fans well it's quite simple as since you once to play more more more games and a train Madrid well he placed some games but he isn't a key player to Barcelona said hey Marco sends you.

You are a proven replacement for unreason Nesta come to a club and you can play almost every minute of every game so the management alpha sends you an essential himself or really thinking about it is it going to happen and move the rifle clubs I'm not quite sure but it's quite interesting so let's wait and see how this one will develop you might not know a young camo but he is played for Inter Milan and he didn't play a lot of games barca match so far but he is a very big talent only 19 years old and you can confirm a little bit with Kingsley Kumar oh the cumin is playing more and more from the left-hand side.

Cara MOA is the same type of player super faci amazing dribbles and he can also give nice assist he's played for Inter Milan but as I told you not always in the starting eleven three is fc barcelona live stream available for a very cheap price and there is a big chance that Villa for you won't return to the cup now to Karamoja as his replacement and he would become the star instantly but he will be used as his cooperation player who else then move it's a lie could be in this episode in the playing style of Barcelona would fit him perfectly also at Liverpool.

He is doing great things and I loved Barcelona as a club but have also left Liverpool and I always think it's great if a player is staying for a longer time at a club to ask a football fan I hope Moomin Salah is staying with Liverpool all the bustle Luna fans I'm hoping he is going to play for your club because he live streaming barcelona can add something special he is a great winger he can provide you with a lot of assists and a lot of goals but can you play together with Leo Messi that's a big question mark because Messi wants to be important salla wants to be important so for me Salah is better to stay at Liverpool.

Who did actually happen that Neymar jr. is going to return to Barcelona after one season at poori Sancho man he left Barcelona in 2017 to go and play for Peru so mad because he didn't want to play together with Messi anymore do you want to become the most important player off a squad so that is why he left but now he's not happy watch barcelona vs real madrid live stream free online anymore in the capital of France so he is iying and move away from the club already they are demanding around 350 million pounds a huge transfer fee at both Barcelona Real Madrid but also man United are thinking about to make that amazing alpha two furry play that.

Has been linked with a move to Barcelona for almost one year isn't wanna Chris man he has a release class of 88 million pounds and for a world-class striker that is a cheap bargain looking to the transfer fees that are paid right now in the world of football but lately he said to his teammates and to his barcelona match today live streaming coach he wanted to stay with a leave comment rate until the end of his career so what is going to happen before the World Cup after the World Cup Richmond at Leeds good Griezmann Barcelona or any other club if you have an idea about the guys drop it down below and right.

Now I'm going to show you my favorite starting level for Barcelona in the forthcoming season so here we go and we are starting off with the players on the bench Jasper cillessen is to reserve goalkeeper although he might leave the club I think he is going to stay then the two young Santa bags might easily and so I give them live football barcelona some time to own the bench and playing in smaller games then we have to ride back now since Amedeo - Audrey Azula they don't need to buy him a lava as a back of a lap back but it can also play on the central midfield spot so he's still good to be on the bench.

But I'm not quite sure on what position to put him then we have some midfielders with pulling you of course you have a great backup center midfielder and seeing can be said about even rocket teach we also have room for ascend you damned pillar and the striker Luis to Juarez League guys it's going to be a barcelona game hard decision to make for the coach if Antoine Griezmann kusu the club in the starting eleven I'm going for Marc and Roy Costigan he played a great season the center backs are staying the same as last season home TD & PK same can be said about the right back and left back surgery boo.

And you're the Elba but all the midfield spots I'm going to try something spectacular all the CBM of Santa me it should stay priests cats because he is so good defensively but then I'm going to play very attacking football with Leo Messi and Christian Eriksen both on the cam position right wing el clasico live stream should be movement Salah on the left wing I'm going to put them of course Philippa continue who did great so far for Barcelona and the striker I'm choosing Antoine Griezmann have buffed Luis two warrants because I think this man is younger and has the future.