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Spain La Liga or Liga began in 1927. Jose Maria Acha, a Director from Arenas Club de Getxco who initiated the idea to make a competition of football in Spain. Much of the debate from others regarding the idea of Jose Maria Acha. The decision of the Federacion Espanola de Futbol Real finally started the La Liga.

The Federation then enters 10 teams into the Primera Division, 6 of them i.e. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club de Getxco and Real Union. When I first held the year 1929, La liga teams football is the highest in the country. FC Barcelona which earned a Champions League Debut in his first year. Any La Liga title until now and the better his progress From year to year.

Now, a team of la liga table this pageant only 20 teams only. Since the start of the La Liga in 1929 to 2014 yesterday, the Team earned a Champion club i.e. the origin of the capital city, Real Madrid scoring 32 times won La Liga and is followed by "Rivals rivals " i.e. FC Barcelona with achievement of 22 times the club won La Liga. In early celebration of La Liga, several different teams also never had the League's top positions, but their nicks still far below 2 club rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Due to war In Spain, was forced to Stop in La Liga for a while. In 1940, the war finally over.

However, some big clubs appear joined Spain's biggest competition tasting namely Atletico Aviacion (Atletico Madrid), Valencia Sevilla. Atletico and Valencia had a chance to get the top position in 1940 up to 1945. Decades of missed Real Madrid started the League people. More than 20 years, from 1961 to 1980 Real Madrid can dominate the course of La Liga. Alas, Barcelona managed to hold Real Madrid controlled the pace of the League.

Since that time, El Classico la liga matches between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid start in La Liga in 2008, the League also have another name i.e. League BBVA. Additional name given is the form of professionalism over the work of associations that Spain. It is then promoted to change a system that has long been used to La Liga.

The Competition format used in the kompetesi la liga fixtures system similar to the system of competition that exist now in European leagues, where with ssitem collection points with scheduled competitions ranging from August to may, each club must play a total of 38 games. The number of points gained is three points for a win, one point position in the series and no points when the condition lose. The champion is determined by the highest points gatherer who when the end of the season.

The system of promotion and relegation in la liga winners between Spain Primera Division Segunda Division, and for the bottom three teams in the League will be relegated to the Segunda Division and two teatas teams from Segunda Division are promoted to La Liga. While one place again it will be contested by ranking third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the play-off matches la liga stats. In the summer of 2014-2015 Real Betis, Sporting de Gijon and Las Palmas promoted to Primera Division.